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SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer,the protocol that provides an encryption for the site.

SSL Certificate

Encrypted Data

Data encryption is majorly required for all business and informatic website. By doing Cryptography we secure data is such a way that it will not be opened by anyone. Only a specific user with the corresponding key can decode the information. All Search Engines supports this process.

SSL Certificate

Static Site Seal

Static Site Seal allows the user / visitor to show a secure sign or symbol. This also represents that the visitors can TRUST the site having SSL. This is mojorly used by almost all Ecommerce Websites & Business Websites. This symbol is visible before the URL area, and it's very easy to validate.

SSL Certificate

Domain Validation

Domain validity is very important Now a days. Without Domain Validation most of the people don't open or spend time on the website which simultaneous effects the SEO score with High Bounce Rate ( Bounce Rate should be as much lower as it's possible )

SSL Certificate


With SSL the Authenticity also goes higher because the process of having an SSL comes with the confirmation of a perticulat Server. At the time of registering for an SSL the buyer have to provide details which related online authentication of the Person or Business.

The strategy

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